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Bael & Ylang-Ylang Soap

A deep exotic aroma blend with a sweet floral note is there to strongly cleanse, uplift, and refresh.…

Cinnamon and Ginger Soap

A warm spicy scent blended with freshly grounded cinnamon and cloves. Every time you choose this soap for your shower, it will energize you and…

Coffee and Almond Milk Soap

A warm milky scent & bitter blend with freshly grounded coffee beans, specially designed to exfoliate and uplift your skin after daily usage.…

Frangipani and Papya Soap

Frangipani Papaya Soap gives the tropical floral scent of deep pink frangipani buds with a joyful sunshine note. Blended with freshly squeezed papaya juice, and…

Frankincense and Paprika Soap

Frankincense & Paprika Soap includes an earthy soothing aroma mixed with paprika. Frankincense essential oil is believed to be one of the rarest ingredients in…

Lemongrass and Mangosteen Soap

A zappy citrus aroma of lemongrass blend with bitter mangosteen peel juice is there to clean & bring joy to your skin.…

Moringa Seeds Soap

A deep woody, in a way the wild aroma of eucalyptus and pine blend, with bitter moringa leaves powder is there to clean & protect…

Nutmeg & Patchouli Soap

A deep wooden aroma blend with a wild spice note is there to strongly cleanse, uplift, and refresh.…

Rose and Strawberry Soap

A classical aromatic blend with fresh strawberry puree and finely milled Pink Clay to gently cleanse, uplift, and leave the face or body smooth, purified,…

Tamarind and Lemon Soap

Tamarind & Lemon Soap includes a fresh citrus aroma blend with fresh bitter tamarind juice to cleanse, work as a brightening agent, and energize.…

Turmeric and Orange Soap

Turmeric & Orange Soap includes a fresh citrus aroma blend with raw turmeric juice to cleanse, work antibacterially, and energize.…