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Beauty Box – Fitness

The Beauty Box - Fitness is a perfect way to start the day right after the first cup of coffee or energizing morning workout. In both…

Beauty Box – Green Detox

The Green Detox Beauty Box is a simple way to free your skin from the impact of big cities: blocked pores, loss of shine, and…

Beauty Box – Home Spa

This set will hold you by the hands and bring you into a world of pure relaxation and balance. Take a relaxing bath, light up…

Beauty Box – Rejuvenating Blend

The set which you are holding in your hands is a simple way to make your skin glow and feel youthful.…

Botanical Hair Serum

Botanical Hair Serum presents a unique and concentrated 100% plant-based formula, specifically designed to fortify and enhance the strength and shine of your hair. Key…

Dry Hair & Scalp Shampoo – Turmeric with Chrysanthemum

Dry Scalp & Dry Hair Turmeric Chrysanthemum Shampoo includes a blend of nourishing and conditioning botanical extracts including Chrysanthemum and Castor Seed Oils, to hydrate…

Repair Hair Conditioner – Cinnamon and Cocoa

Repair Conditioner - Cinnamon and Cocoa is based on botanical oils with impressive hydrating and hair-softening properties blend with coffee extract to lightly nourish, hydrate,…

Repair Hair Conditioner – Lemongrass and Moringa

Hair Conditioner Rosella is a nourishing conditioner enhanced with nourishing butters and hydrating nut oil extracts that condition, soften, and shape hard-to-manage hair.…

Revitalising Hair Conditioner – Turmeric and Frangipani

Revitalising Turmeric Conditioner is a nourishing treatment enhanced with shea butter and Vitamin E that hydrates and tames belligerent hair to leave it glossy and remarkably…

Volumising Shampoo – Moringa Green Tea

Volumising Shampoo Moringa & Green Tea includes a balancing formulation of gently astringent botanicals that assist to remove excess oil without irritating the scalp while…