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Botanical Moisturising Oil – Vanilla

Vanilla Dreams Multifunctional Oil Treatment is a concentrated blend of precious plant oils, delivering potent doses of fatty acids. Nourishes and moisturize dry skin.…

Solid Hand and Body Lotion Bar – Vanilla

Solid Hands & Body Lotion Bar Vanilla is a natural formula that brings nourishment & supports the protection system of your skin on daily basis.…

Vanilla and Chrysanthemum Soap

Vanilla Chrysanthemum Soap is a classical aromatic blend with almond milk, dried petals of chrysanthemum to gently cleanse, uplift, and leave the face or body…

Whipped Body Butter – Vanilla

Vanilla Whipped Body Butter is a perfect hydrating butter with all the possible effects of moisturizing cream. It is hydrating, providing anti-oxidants and vitamins for…