Turmeric and Orange Soap


Turmeric & Orange Soap includes a fresh citrus aroma blend with raw turmeric juice to cleanse, work antibacterially, and energize.

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Turmeric and Orange Soap

Turmeric and Orange Soap



Experience the pure and refreshing sensation of thoroughly cleansed skin with our conscientiously crafted bar.

Indulge in the natural symphony of aromas:

  • A crisp, juicy fragrance of sweet orange, complemented by a subtle earthy scent.

Tailored for acne-prone, problematic, and combination skin, our blend features sustainably sourced key ingredients:

  • Virgin coconut oil, offers deep cleansing and moisturizing properties.
  • Turmeric, is known for its natural skincare benefits.
  • Orange, provides a burst of freshness and vitality.

Perfectly designed for both face and body, this stone-solid bar transforms your shower routine into a sustainable and invigorating experience. To use, simply wet the bar under running water, lather with both palms, apply to the skin, and rinse thoroughly. Achieve optimal results by lathering for 20-30 seconds at a time.

The bar, in a milky white hue with tiny spots of dry additions, showcases the natural ingredients used. The color variations add to the charm, reflecting the authenticity of our sustainable approach.

Complement your routine with our Castile Liquid Soap Orange, boasting a vibrant citrusy aroma in a convenient liquid form for quick and easy showers. For a unique post-activity freshness, try our Natural Deodorant Orange, an ideal choice after a shower with our orange & turmeric Soap. Embrace the essence of natural sustainability for a wholesome skincare experience.

Skin feel: Thoroughly clean and fresh.

Aroma: the crispy juicy aroma of sweet orange with a subtle earthy scent.

Skin type: acne/ problem/combination.

Key ingredients: virgin coconut oil, turmeric, orange.

Designed for: face and body. Perfect for the shower.

How to use: wet the bar under running water, lather with your both palms, apply on the skin and rinse thoroughly.

Dosage: Lather for 20-30 seconds at a time.

Colour: milky white with tiny spots of dry adding, which may vary due to the usage of natural ingredients.

Texture: stone- solid bar.

Bubble size: L


Accompany with:

Castile Liquid Soap Orange has a lovely vibrant citrusy aroma but this soap comes in a liquid form, perfect for quick easy showers.

Natural Deodorant Orange is one of a kind product to keep you fresh after an active day. Perfect to use directly after a shower with orange & turmeric Soap.