Rose and Strawberry Soap


A classical aromatic blend with fresh strawberry puree and finely milled Pink Clay to gently cleanse, uplift, and leave the face or body smooth, purified, and refreshed.

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Rose and Strawberry Soap

Rose and Strawberry Soap



Feel the goodness of natural and local ingredients with our specially crafted bar.

Enjoy the benefits:

  • Thoroughly nourished, polished, uplifted, and clean skin.
  • A floral aroma reminiscent of rosebuds after a summer rain.

Tailored for dry, sensitive, and mature skin, our blend features key local ingredients:

  • Rose is known for its nourishing and uplifting properties.
  • Pink clay offers gentle cleansing and exfoliation.
  • Strawberries, provide a burst of freshness and vitality.
  • Olive oil and shea butter, ensure deep moisturization.

Designed for both face and body, this mildly solid bar transforms your skincare routine. To use, wet the bar under running water, lather with both palms, apply to the skin and rinse thoroughly. Achieve optimal results by lathering for 20-30 seconds at a time.

The bar, in a delightful dirty pink-grey hue, captures the natural variations, showcasing the authenticity of our local ingredients.

Skin feel: Thoroughly nourished,  polished, uplifted, and clean.

Aroma: floral, the scent of rosebuds right after the summer rain.

Skin type: dry/ sensitive/mature.

Key ingredients: rose, pink clay, strawberries, olive oil, shea butter.

Designed for: face and body. Useable for hands.

How to use:  wet the bar under running water, lather with your both palms, apply on the skin and rinse thoroughly.

Dosage: Lather for 20-30 seconds at a  time.

Colour: dirty pink- grey,  may vary due to the usage of natural ingredients.

Texture: mildly solid bar.

Bubbles size: M


Accompany with:

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