Rice Bran Soap


warm cozy scent blended with the nourishment of rice milk. Fermented rice bran is a unique ingredient to fulfill the bar with vitamin E, the possibility to heal wounds and scars.

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Rice Bran Soap

Rice Bran Soap



Every application of our Rice Bran Soap promises more than just a routine shower; it pledges a transformative experience, providing nourishment and soothing care, making it an ideal choice, especially for those with dry skin.

Key Ingredients Details:

  1. Olive Oil:
    • Source: Organic olive oil.
    • Benefits: Known for its moisturizing properties, olive oil helps nourish and hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling supple and soft.
  2. Rice Milk:
    • Source: Locally and organically produced rice milk.
    • Benefits: Rice milk is rich in nutrients and adds a gentle touch to the soap, contributing to a soothing and calming effect on the skin.
  3. Rice Bran:
    • Source: Locally and organically harvested rice bran.
    • Benefits: Packed with antioxidants, rice bran helps promote skin health, offering a natural way to nourish and care for the skin.

Soap Benefits:

  1. Intensive Moisturization:
    • Source: Locally and organically harvested rice bran.
    • Benefits: Rice bran is a natural emollient, known for its deep moisturizing properties. It effectively helps in locking in moisture, leaving your skin feeling supple and hydrated after each use.
  2. Rich in Antioxidants:
    • Source: Locally and organically sourced rice bran.
    • Benefits: Packed with antioxidants, rice bran works as a shield against free radicals, promoting skin health and assisting in the maintenance of a youthful and radiant complexion.
  3. Soothing Sensation:
    • Source: Gently processed rice bran.
    • Benefits: The soap provides a soothing effect on the skin, calming any irritation or discomfort. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals with sensitive or dry skin, providing relief and comfort with each use.
  4. Vitamins Galore:
    • Source: Enriched with essential vitamins from rice bran.
    • Benefits: Rice bran is naturally abundant in vitamins B and E, contributing to improved skin texture, reducing the appearance of fine lines, and promoting overall skin vitality.
  5. Gentle Exfoliation:
    • Source: Incorporates finely ground rice bran particles.
    • Benefits: The soap offers gentle exfoliation, aiding in the removal of dead skin cells and promoting a brighter complexion. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals looking to revitalize their skin.
  • Skin Feel: Immerse yourself in the luxurious sensation of thoroughly nourished and well-cared-for skin.
  • Aroma: Delight in the delightful multilevel scent of milk and rice bran, delivering a soothing, soft, and never overwhelming fragrance.
  • Skin Type: Tailored for individuals with dry, sensitive, baby, or allergy-prone skin, providing a gentle and comforting cleansing experience.
  • Designed for: Ideal for both face and body, ensuring a versatile and pampering addition to your daily shower routine.
  • How to Use: Follow simple steps—wet the bar, lather with both palms, apply on the skin, and rinse thoroughly—for an optimal and refreshing experience.
  • Dosage: Lather for 20-30 seconds at a time to unlock the full benefits of the soap’s natural goodness.
  • Color: Admire the soap’s warm yellow-brown hue, featuring tiny spots of dry rice bran that showcase the authentic variations of natural ingredients.
  • Texture: Experience the indulgent feel of a semi-solid bar, ensuring a unique and luxurious application.
  • Bubbles: Enjoy the gentle lather with small bubbles, offering a soft and pampering cleansing experience.

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Skin feel: Thoroughly nourished, well taken care of.
Aroma: the multilevel scent of milk & rice bran, soothing, soft, and not overwhelming.
Skin type: dry/ sensitive/ baby skin/ prone to allergies skin.
Key ingredients: olive oil, rice milk, rice bran.
Designed for: face and body. Perfect for the shower.
How to use: wet the bar under running water, lather with your both palms, apply on the skin and rinse thoroughly.
Dosage: Lather for 20-30 seconds at a time.
Colour: yellow-brown with tiny spots of dry rice bran, which may vary due to the usage of natural ingredients.
Texture: semi-solid bar.
Bubbles: S
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