Nutmeg & Patchouli Soap


A deep wooden aroma blend with a wild spice note is there to strongly cleanse, uplift, and refresh.

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Nutmeg & Patchouli Soap

Nutmeg & Patchouli Soap




Skin feel: Thoroughly clean and fresh.

Aroma: the woody, humid, tart smell of patchouli blends with spicy nutmeg.

Key ingredients: virgin olive oil, patchouli, nutmeg, butterfly pea tea.

Designed for: face and body. Perfect for the shower.

Patchouli brings bitter vibes and nutmeg spicy notes. Together it creates natural fuel for the day ahead.

Colour: milky-ivory, may vary due to the usage of natural ingredients.

Texture: semi-solid bar.

Bubbles size: L


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