Botanical Hair Serum

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Botanical Hair Serum

Botanical Hair Serum



Botanical Hair Serum is unique concentrated 100% plant-based formula to make your hair strong & shiny.

  • Adding shine. One of the benefits of our hair serum formula is its ability to revive dry, dull-looking hair by infusing moisture into each hair strand.
  • Controlling frizz and dryness.
  • Reducing knots and tangles.
  • Enhancing the hair’s natural look.
  • Protecting against damage.

Main benefits of Botanical Hair Serum:
The natural oils in hair serum benefit in coating the hair strands and the anti-frizz action make the hair feel smoother.

Smooth hair tends to look glossier and hence reflects light giving a shine to the hair. Regular use of hair serum makes the hair healthy, smooth, silky, and shiny.

Botanical Hair Serum controls hair fizz by adding more weight to the hair strands giving it more substance. This makes the hair frizz-free. Moringa oil, rich in oleic acid and vitamin E, is the best natural ingredient in hair serum used to impart anti-frizz properties.

How to use: Always apply the hair serum to freshly washed and damp hair.  This is the time when a hair serum can penetrate the hair strands easily and lock the natural moisture content in the hair.

Dosage: take 2-3 drops of hair serum in your palms. Warm the serum in your hands for a few seconds by rubbing, and start applying. If an extra quantity of hair serum is used, it may give a greasy look.