Deodorant Lavender and Rosemary


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This formula will deal with the main reason for the inconvenience – bacteria!


Function: White Clay helps to decrease the amount of sweat. Tanaka powder is a natural antibacterial agent. Coconut oil is a great nourishment, leaving sensitive underarm skin soft & delicate.

Texture: dry paste.

Instruction: Touch the surface of the deodorant with a wet hand. Take a thin layer & apply it on clean skin and remove leftovers of powder.

Ingredients: White clay (Kaolin), Baking soda (Sodium hydrogen carbonate), Starch (amylum), Coconut oil (Cocos Nucifera), Essential oil lavender (Lavendula)

No aluminium compounds, parabens, artificial colours or scents.

Can be used for body and feet.

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Weight 100 g



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