Beauty Box – Green Detox


The Green Detox Beauty Box is a simple way to free your skin from the impact of big cities: blocked pores, loss of shine, and firmness.

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Beauty Box - Green Detox

Beauty Box – Green Detox



The 6 products in the box are a truly green way to help cleanse and detox skin.
Working on multiple layers from superficial to deep can help to get rid of toxins and reactivate the inner powers of your skin.

Beauty care in set:

  • Concentrated Tanaka Wood Detox Masque
  • Detox Serum – Tea Tree & Rosemary
  • Turmeric Hydrosol –Brightening Face Mist
  • Soap Cinnamon & Ginger
  • Soap Sea Salt & Mint
  • Scrub – Moringa And Mint



  1. Concentrated Tanaka Wood Detox Masque. Concentrated Tanaka Wood Detox Masque detoxifies your skin in a delicate and 100% natural way. This formula based on Thanaka powder, which is is a nutrient-dense powder packed with vitamin E, which protects the skin against polluted air and free radicals, the unstable compounds that damage cell structure.

2. Detox Serum – Tea Tree & Rosemary A potent serum formulated with vitamin A and herbal extracts to prevent inflammation, and tone, and protect the delicate face skin every night. While you are asleep, this serum will detoxify your skin, uplift it, and soothe any irritation or inflammation.

3. Turmeric Hydrosol –Brightening Face Mist. A root-based, non-drying formulation with impressive antibacterial and detoxifying properties that cleanses skin of sweat and grime while soothing and clarifying. Turmeric Hydrosol formula is based on 100% pure Turmeric water-based extract made of the fresh juicy root of turmeric, grown in our own nursery.

4. Cinnamon And Ginger Soap. A warm spicy scent blended with freshly grounded cinnamon and cloves. Every time you choose this soap for your shower, it will energize you and bring perkiness.

5. Sea Salt And Mint Soap. A cooling herbal aroma blend with raw grains of oats and crystals of sea salt to cleanse, work antibacterially, and energize.

6. Scrub – Moringa And Mint has unique ingredients blend that provides the scrub with additional bonus functions, except exfoliation. Sea Salt, as the core ingredient in this formula, allows the body to rid itself of impurities and shed toxins that build up during the day-to-day. Sea Salt calms the skin, decreasing itchiness and allowing the pores to open, release buildup, and accept minerals like zinc— which protects our skin and helps it heal.