Scrub – White Clay with Vanilla


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Nourishing Facial Exfoliant White Clay and Chrysanthemum with Vanilla essential oil is a powder-based cleansing formulation enhanced with fine Organic Sea Salt to slough away dead skin cells and soften the skin.


Suited to: Most skin types, particularly dry or mature. Frequent travellers, shavers, winter, and cool climates.


Skin feel: polished, softened, and immaculately nourished.


Key ingredients: fine organic sea salt, white clay, chrysanthemum dried in the sun, jojoba oil.


How to use:

Dispense into palm then massage gently over face and neck, applying minimal pressure. Avoid eye area. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.


Dosage: 1/3 teaspoon or desired amount


Texture: Dry soft paste, soluble in water, with fine grain


Aroma: Vanilla-like, soft and sweet.

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Weight 200 g