Kaffir Lime Hydrosol – Energising Mist


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Kafir Lime Uplifting Hydrosol Formula


A fresh fruity -based, non-drying formulation with impressive anti-ageing properties that cleanses skin of sweat and grime while soothing and clarifying.


This formula is based on 100% pure Kaffir Lime Hydrosol, a water-based extract made of fresh juicy kaffir lime peel of fruits, grown locally.


Suited to combination/ oily skin type.


Skin feels uplifted and clean with clean note finish.


Key ingredients: Kaffir Lime extract.


How to use: Morning and evening, splash onto a cotton pad or directly onto freshly cleansed face and neck.


Dosage: Half a teaspoon


Texture: Aqueous


Aroma: Fresh, citrus.

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Weight 100 g