Hyssop and Frankincense Anti-Oxidant Serum


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Frankinsence & Hyssop Anti-Aging Night Serum


A potent serum formulated with vitamin B12 and antioxidants to hydrate, nourish and protect the delicate face skin every night.


While you are asleep, this serum will detoxify your skin, uplift, and regenerate.


Suited to most skin types, particularly dry/ sensitive/ mature.


Skin feels deeply hydrated, replenished


Key ingredients – frankincense, hyssop leaves, blackberry seed oil.


How to use: Gently dab onto freshly cleansed skin on cheeks and forehead, and massage gently until absorbed.


Dosage: three to five drops


Texture: medium-weight serum

Aroma: herbaceous, bitter, woody.



I LOVE your hyssop and frankincense serum! On the mornings when I haven’t applied it the night before, I really notice the difference; dull, tired skin and more visible laughter lines around the eyes. And the anti-aging mask has a genuinely instant effect! I love using it before a night out because it gives my face such a boost of freshness, smoothing out lines and giving me a dewy complexion”

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