Aroma Candle – Fresh Lemongrass – XL


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The candle you are choosing is made of totally clean, non-toxic, clean-burning cotton wick candles. Produced with soy wax and scented with pure essential oils these candles will add a subtle aroma to your home, and the clean-burning will add cosines of the little chimney.



  • 100% vegan– made from pure soy wax
  • Have longer burning time due to soy wax giving a cleaner fire than paraffin wax.
  • Only 100% natural cotton wicks are used to produce the candle which burn the best in the soy wax.
  • These candles are produced with only natural ingredients, scents and colourants and will have a creamy white colour depending on the essential oil they are scented.
  • They totally leave 0 foot print giving you a clean empty jar when they burnt to the bottom.
  • The oils are produced at our factory and are 100% natural which will ensure a clean and healthy scent of your room.
  • Any wax spills are easy to clean up with soap and hot water, eliminating the need for solvents
  • No animal testing
  • Eco Soy is a renewable, sustainable resource


Burn Time: Approx: 25 hours in total (please do not burn for more than 4 hours to avoid overheating. Please don’t leave the burning candle unattended)

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Weight 200 g