5 Ways to identify Natural Soap

When visiting a soap store, the first thing that comes in mind:
How can I know if this Soap Truly Natural and Safe for my skin?
As professional Soap Makers, we are happy to share 5 basic tips, that will help you to identify truly Natural Soaps just by the look!
Check the tips below⬇️⬇️

For start its important to understand the majority of cleaning products sold in stores under the name SOAP are not soaps at all. They are more accurately described as synthetic chemical detergents containing synthetic fragrance oils,  dyes, and harsh ingredients like triethanolamine. Which can be harmful to both your eyes and lungs.

✔Real Natural Soap is a product made through the reaction of saponification. Basic ingredients are Fat Acids+ Lye. Depending on the types of soap made, it can be KOH or NaOH. Such soap doesn’t contain dangerous ingredients such as parabens, SLS. Methods used to make truly natural soaps counts centuries, such a process is fully handmade, old-fashion, and pure alchemy.

Let’s imagine a situation that can happen to anyone, you are standing in the store with soap, you have to make a quick test to be sure if the products you are planning to buy is enough good quality, to make your shower time beneficial and fun. How can you know if the soap is safe for both your skin and our planet?

Just keep on reading, we will share below our 10 years of Natural Soap Making

experience in short 5 tips:

➡️More likely Natural Soap won’t be snow-white: when you add herbal broths, soap turns dark. The only exemption is soap made on 100% coconut oil or with adding of salts.
❌ Usually, factory-made soap gets its pure white from adding of titanium dioxide.

➡️ Most likely Natural Soap won’t be crystal clear. Surely, you can add alcohol, sugar syrup, and glycerin to natural soap, however, it still won’t be as see-through as the soap base.
❌ Crystal clear soaps are mostly made by the Melt& Pour Method, which is basically the usage of pre-made soap bases, continuing SLS or parabens.

➡️  If the soap uses natural dyes such as coffee, cocoa, or sea buckthorn oil, it most likely won’t have bright saturated color. 
❌ Bright colors are usually in soaps, made with food coloring or cosmetic pigments.

➡️  If the soap has a long-lasting fragrance, most likely it was made with odorants (a complex mixture of synthetic and semi-synthetic fragrances), and not essential oils.
❌ Remember, not everything that you can smell in real life can preserve the fragrance: freshly cut grass, cherry in chocolate, etc. Check first, whether there is an actual essential oil, made from that particular flower or plant. For example, essential oil scents are lavender, mint, frangipani, lemon, kaffir lime, etc.

✔️Natural Soap can not be too solid. It is always a bit softer, then commercial soap bars, leaving a slightly oily feeling after holding an unused bar.
❌Commercial soap bars will be extremely solid, as a rock. Which gives the wrong idea that such a bar is better. Let us explain: one of the natural byproducts of the process of making soap is glycerin. In general, glycerin is a great skin moisturizer, a humectant because it draws moisture to it and emollient that softens the skin. When made traditionally, these soaps contain glycerin which hydrates your skin while bathing. However, the Store-bought or commercially-produced soaps are usually processed to remove glycerin. After glycerine is removed, the soap loses its moisturizing effect but becomes extremely solid on the other hand.

Q & A on Natural Soaps. Things you always wanted to know.

1. How is your soap different?

We do Hot Process Soaps only which is used by only 5% of soap makers throughout the world due to its complexity.

Only hot process allows to save the maximum of natural ingredients. This is possible thanks to the fast process of saponification. Immediately after the soap is born we add the natural ingredients like herbal juices, essential oils, fruit purees, extracts to the soap which solidify overnight and are ready to treat your skin.

2. How does the method you use impact the quality of the Soap?

It helps us save all the benefits from fresh herbs and fruits added, it’s like freezing the fresh berries in ice cubes.

3. How do you gain such vibrant and varied colors in the soap?

We use a variety of methods to extract the colors, but as a source, we use only fresh local herbs, fruits, vegetables.

4. Is your soap made for face or body, or hands?

Every soap we produce is focused on the face. We add nourishing oils in the last steps of formulating, which will make soap suitable for delicate facial skin. But if the soap is good enough for the face, it will be a perfect fit for the body and hands.

5. How many types of soaps do you produce?

We offer 29 recipes that cover a range of soaps for different skin types and skin needs.

6. Can I get your professional guidance while choosing Soaps as there are so many choices?

Yes, we are professionals in guiding you through soap choice. We can assist you with choosing soap for your skin type, skin special needs according to benefits of the natural ingredients we use in production, herbal juices, extracts, fruit purees, and essential oils.

7. Can I test your soaps in the store, before purchase?

Yes, do enjoy the testing station in our store, where you can try the soap you liked, see the type of foam, how nourishing it is and which will suit your skin the best.

8. How much does your soap cost?

Our soaps are sold by weight in our stores. 1 gram = 1 THB. As we cut our soaps by hand, they will all slightly vary in weight and price. All the soaps are approximately 100 gr. Still to give you the possibility to try our soaps there are smaller bars which maintain our motto that “Natural should not be expensive”.

9. If I purchase your soaps online, will they also vary by weight and price?

For online orders we have a fixed price of 100 THB per bar and ensure that the bar for shipment is at least 100 gram or more. We always put value for the customer as priority and in most cases you get few extra gram of soap more.

10. How are your soaps packed, is packaging sustainable?

You will always find soaps on our shelves naked. They don’t mind you looking at them and even taking them in your hands. We encourage you to put your purchased soaps in your own bag, or we pack it in recycled paper with a note of the type.

11. What is the shelf-life of the soaps you make?

Our soaps will be stable in quality up to 12 months, but the strongest aroma and color will be experienced during the first 4-6 months.

12. How should I stock the natural soaps, to keep them fresh?

We recommend keeping your soaps in paper bags, that’s it. By any means avoid keeping natural handmade soap in sealed plastic bags or cans. Natural soap has to breathe to be dry, solid, and fresh.

Full Anti-Aging Set for Even Under 500 THB

️Only 2 Beauty Products highlighted in Your Reviews as 100% Overnight Uplifting Effect

Whenever we talk about the aging process, we want to fight it by any means.

What are the signs of Aging?

What signs should alarm you that it is time to take action?

Signs of early aging can be vibrant or barely visible. Did you notice any of this recently?

– Small, shallow wrinkles known as laughter lines, tend to become noticeable at the outer corners of the eyes.

– Pigmentation spots

– Unreasonable dryness of the skin

– Dullness of skin

– Rough skin texture

– Visible pores

You may experience only one of these signs, the strength of the process will vary depending on the genetics of your skin, daily impact of environment and lifestyle routines.

All of the above is not only connected to term age, but also to lifestyle choices, there are factors that can negatively impact our skin presentation. This is something that would be advised to consider cutting out of your routine as much as possible, to prolong glow and health fo your skin:

– Smoking

– Over-exposure to the sun

– Stress

– Lack of sleep

– Cold weather

– Alcohol

– Lack of exercise

– Lack of drinking water

Avoiding the factor mentioned, can help you your skin from inside, but what about Daily Beauty Routine, how to help your skin from outside? How to get INSTANT EFFECT?

We have it COVERED for you!

With daily Natural Routine, you can slow down the process of aging in your own bathroom, just overnight! Using the power of Nature, you can see the result just after 1 USE!

Hundreds of people changed their beauty routine from expensive brands which gave them NO EFFECT. Choosing NATURAL turned to be not only more effective but a LOT LESS COSTLY!

Anti-Aging Serum Hyssop with Frankincense (230 THB).

Hyssop oil is a unique source of vitamin C which is a famous anti-oxidant product that can help fight dullness of the skin. It can soothe your skin and make it firm.

Frankincense extract and oil are a natural preservative to your beauty. It will help reduce wrinkles and pigmentation spots.

Unique oils of sweet almond, rosehip, safflower will nourish and soften the rough texture of the skin.

Herbal glycerine extracts will bring natural hydration to your skin and uplifting effect will soothe the pores.

Anti-Aging Face Mask with Mandarin and Grapefruit (210 THB).

Pink Clay is a unique product that creates the perfect base for the mask. It has uplifting, soothing properties.

Rosella Flower Powder is filled with antioxidants and vitamin C. Works as a perfect Anti-Wrinkle treatment.

Essential Oil of Jasmine, Rose, Mandarin brightens the skin, bringing its healthy glow.

These two products will be the foundation for the skin to preserve the youth of the skin and further care will extend the young glow and vibrance of the skin.

Make a Right Choice on How to Feed Your Skin

Have you ever wondered about the impact of any cosmetics you apply on your skin?

If the answer is yes, probably you have been focusing on the impact you get as an external result: more smooth skin, fewer wrinkles, soothing effect on skin pores, or getting rid of acne. These aims sound truly reasonable, as any cosmetics are applied specifically to treat the skin, isn’t it?

But if we dig deeper, we would find out that skin is not only a protective film on our body but also a strong digestion organ.


Our skin is a film that helps our body interchange with the environment, skin helps us breathe, stabilize body temperature, and of course, protect our body from bacteria. But the interesting fact, not many people know or consider, is that skin can digest. Actually anything that you apply on the skin will be partly or fully dissolved. Any ingredient will penetrate into deep layers of skin and then reach the bloodstream. Sharing all good or bad impacts all over the body.

So technically when you plan to apply any beauty care product on your skin, you need to consider its both external and internal impact, as well as following questions:

– Are the ingredients of your skincare good enough to become food for your body?

– Will your body feel good after this impact?

– What long term effects cosmetics can have on your lifestyle or mood?

There can be both positive or negative internal impact of Beauty Care Usage:

Negative impact may be a result of the usage of chemical, not approved ingredients in the production process:

– hormonal misbalance

– provoke tumors growth

– infertility

– depression

– activation of allergies

– intolerance to antibiotics treatments

This all sounds surprising to you?

But such a disastrous impact doesn’t happen overnight, it takes years to grow the impact, to accumulate negative impact on inner organs. It is so easy not to consider this bad impact as we are used not to think about cosmetics in a very serious way but try to think about them like the food you put on your skin daily.

Depending on the strength of your body, the strength of the immune system, or genetics in your family, the result may be strong, or totally invisible. But would you like to risk?

Is it nor better to be in full control of your Beauty Care routine by considering it to be FOOD for your SKIN?

As you would choose healthy food for your skin, the same way you would need to make a choice for daily skin routine. We would recommend focusing on edible, organic plant-based products. This will work miracles for both external effect and internal.

The positive impact of Cosmetics on your body:

– stable positive mood, as your body gets additional nutrition through the skin.

– prevents depression, beauty care with natural essential oils can help you stay positive and bring smiles daily on your face.

– boost the immune system by using cosmetics with Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Mint externally can help your body boost its strength and protect from viruses or bacteria.

– help DETOX your body by using cosmetics with organic clays. It can help not only brighten the skin tone but also boost renovation processes in your body, bringing more energy to your everyday life.

Probably this information is the best first step on the journey of Healthy Natural Beauty Routine.

Give it a try, before applying anything on to your skin, answer the simple question:

Is it the right choice for how to feed and nourish my skin?

See Why Hot Process Soap Is Best for Your Skin

The hot process soap-making method is the only one we use for 10 years and never wish to change.

We belong to 5% of Soap Makers that use this old fashion technique. This technique requires more knowledge in comparison to other techniques, more time, but we still keep on choosing it daily. Here we are telling you why:

As said in the previous publications 95% of soaps you see on shelves of supermarkets and even natural soap stores are Cold Process Soaps. Hot Process is the only technique that helps us save all the magical benefits for your skin a bar of soap can have. This is not the personal choice in terms of technique, but a MUST to make your skin happy after using our soaps.

As revealed in our previous publication even the most natural soap requires chemical agents to get the form and function, we all love soap for. This agent is called Lye or NaOH. Hot-Process just like the Cold-Process method mixes oils and lye to create soap. The only difference which plays a crucial role is that the hot process allows to preserve the benefits of natural ingredients because the moment of the chemical reaction or the process of saponification takes place before we add all the skin yummies to the soap.

So, let’s get into why you may want to use soap made in a hot-process method.

The same rule applies to goat’s and vegetable milk, clays, spices, etc. These extremely nourishing products are preserved in the soap and you can compare them with frozen cubes of little mixtures of the herbal juices, essential oils, milk, fruit extracts into little cubes. In our case, we enclose this mixture in a bar of soap which together with cleansing will also detoxify, nourish, moisturize or hydrate your skin depending on your needs.

We control the temperature when adding the essential oils as they have their point of evaporation, a moment when they lose all the benefits leaving only the scent. Hot Process soap making allows us to add essential oils only after the soap has cooled enough and will not destroy the essential oil.

Once in a mold Hot Process soap is ready to be used as all the magic of chemistry has been behind. It only needs a day to cool down and dry to become a skincare bar full of benefits for the skin, whereas other techniques will see the chemical reaction taking place for weeks after the soap is in the mold with chemical reaction taking place throughout this time giving little or no chance to the natural ingredients for survival.

Throughout years of experimenting and finding the best shape and form for a bar of soap, we came to the conclusion that there is only one way we can deliver the most out of what is called natural. Hot Process soap is the only way proven by our ancestors. It proved that perfection lies in simplicity, and simplicity of the soap made a hot process way reminds us of what a huge impact a simple soap can have on our everyday skincare routine.

These Five Flowers Will Change Your Perception of Soap

Every single flower is being analysed first, then treated individually so it can keep all the MUST HAVE vitamins safe for the benefits of your skin. Curious to know more? Keep on reading!

Rose & Strawberry Soap. Rose flowers have to be dried right away after being harvested. It is not allowed to wash the petals before drying, as it will destroy the smell. The drying process has to be done in the shade of the trees, to keep the color beautifully pink. Dry rose petals are grained into a delicate powder. The powder will fill the soap with antioxidants which will bring anti-aging and uplifting effect. This particular soap is also infused with the precious rose essential oil, which is a pure concentrate of eternal beauty: it brings shine, balances the tone of the skin, brightens pigmentation.

Frangipani & Papaya Soap. Frangipani is harvested fresh and boiled to create a highly concentrated decoction. The color of it will later impact the color of the future soap. It may vary from light milkiness to strong yellow color. Frangipani tea is a never-ending source of Vit B12 for our skin. It helps restore and rejuvenate. Frangipani decoction will help relieve scarring and pigmentation. It will bring a fresh look to your skin after every usage of soap, you will enjoy yourself in the mirror and smile.

Lavender and White Clay Soap. Well dried lavender flowers are perfect from last year’s harvest, as they will be enough dried out and keep concentrated vitamins and minerals. We extract all the benefits from lavender by infusing it into the olive oil. Olive oil is being mixed with lavender buds and kept in a dark place for 4-8 weeks. Later on, filtered and ready to be used in soap making. This lavender oil is used 100% in the soap formula on further steps. It doesn’t impact the color of the soap but brings rich benefits.

Lavender oil can soothe inflammation of any origin, help relieve itchiness and redness, help with allergy reaction, and rash. Lavender oil will create creamy heavy foam, that will nourish skin while washing face or hands. Your skin will feel hydrated, soft like silk.

Bael & Ylang-Ylang Soap. Ylang-Ylang is one of a kind tropical flower with a vibrant exotic aroma. It is extremely hard to extract the smell out of this plant. The only real way to benefit from it is usage of 100% pure Essential Oil. To extract it we use copper distillers. Essential Oil needs time to be made, it takes 5-10 h to extract up to 10 ml of oil, for this process up to 10 kg of fresh flowers required.

Ylang- Ylang oil can make help with early signs of aging: help you brighten pigmentation spots, uplift your skin and brighten skin tone. Ylang-Ylang is famous for its possibility to activate rejuvenation, and bring an unbeatable glow to your skin, as you have just been to the gateway on the islands: fresh, smooth and shiny.

This are small secrets of the big production process. Each step is made with our hearts filled with love, every mixing process is filled with passion for local herbs. We hope after this article, looking at the bar of soap in your bathroom you will feel the magic.

Hyper-pigmentation? Show It The Way Out Already Today!

Look back for a second and see what you tried to get rid of Hyper-pigmentation.
It’s definitely multiple ways starting from expensive medications finishing with prayers before bedtime.
While thousands of people are suffering from discoloring of the skin, sun sensitivity, not bright skin tone, early signs of aging, rush heated up by Bangkok weather, and pollution, the solution is simpler than many think.

In Bangkok Soap Opera you will find simple products and human-friendly prices which will change your life and how you feel about yourself.

Before we discuss simple and effective routine options, let’s consider the reasons for Hyperpigmentation.

Types of hyperpigmentation

Melasma. Melasma is believed to be caused by hormonal changes and may develop during pregnancy. Areas of hyperpigmentation can appear on any area of the body, but they appear most commonly on the stomach and face.

Sunspots. Also called solar lentigines, sunspots are common. They’re related to excess sun exposure over time. Generally, they appear as spots on areas exposed to the sun, like the hands and face.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This is a result of injury or inflammation to the skin. A common cause of this type is acne.

What are the symptoms and risk factors?
Darkened areas on the skin are the main symptoms of hyperpigmentation. Patches can vary in size and develop anywhere on the body.

The biggest risk factors for general hyperpigmentation are sun exposure and inflammation, as both situations can increase melanin production. The greater your exposure to the sun, the greater your risk of increased skin pigmentation.

Depending on the type of disorder, other risk factors for hyperpigmented patches may include:

oral contraceptive use or pregnancy, as seen with melasma
darker skin type, which is more prone to pigmentation changes
drugs that increase your sensitivity to the sunlight
trauma to the skin, such as a wound or superficial burn injury or acne.

If there is not much we can do in situations with melasma, as being the result of hormonal natural misbalance, we can still consider Natural Beauty Products to help with sensitivity to sunlight or scars provoked by acne inflammation.

In Bangkok Soap Opera we are proud to have products which helped many people with


Anti-Acnes serum with Rosemary & Tea Tree became a go-to product for many people who keep coming back and speaking out on the benefits they received with the serum. Using it daily before going to sleep makes a difference even after the first use, according to the customers who use it as you read this text. Tea Tree oil is a secret weapon that will keep you safe from any type of inflammation. Prevent inflammation, and there will be no reason for the skin to produce too much melanin production.

Salt Scrub with Green Clay & Lime. Salt-based scrub is a simple routine to bring quality exfoliation to your skin. Weekly exfoliation will help to get rid of existing darker spots. By exfoliating dead dry skin cells, you will gain a healthy bright tone and activate rejuvenation.

Soap Sea Salt with Charcoal.
This full black bar of soap will detox your skin easily. Helping get rid of any discolouring of the skin. Not by hiding the spots, but cleaning the skin on deep layers both by salt minerals and organic bamboo charcoal.

Turmeric Hydrosol is a perfectly natural product for a strong whitening effect. Using Turmeric Hydrosol on daily basis, you can forget about dark rounds around eyes, brown spots after an acne breakout, and of scars that are hard to heal after injuries. Just use it as moisturising spray twice a day, or as a toner, every time after your washed your face with soap. A strong anti-acne effect will be as a topping to the main result. Turmeric hydrosol will help you get rid of deep inflammation processes in the skin, making pimples less painful and rare to happen.

Products mentioned as a rule take 2-4 weeks to give stable results to your skin.
Don’t take these words, see more than 100 five star reviews people gave as a thank you for the solution of various ailments and beauty benefits they got.

Yes, it does take time to heal Hyperpigmentation, but there are simple and accessible steps in a daily routine that may help you to avoid it:
using sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 ( look for mineral-based one)
wearing hats or clothing that block sunlight
avoiding the sun during the time of the day when it’s strongest, which is typically 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
avoid applying cosmetics during the day time which may increase the sensitivity of the skin to the sun( such as citrus hydrosols, day cream with citrus extracts, cosmetics with citrus essential oils).

Curious How Many Steps It Takes to Make Face Salt Scrub?

Natural beauty care is closer than you think. In a few easy steps, you can learn how to become a creator of your unique natural scrubs, soaps, perfumes, and more.

In Bangkok Soap Opera we are proud to share knowledge on how everyone can be a master of your beauty with natural ingredients. Every weekend we welcome you to our events and let yo learn how you can make your own beauty care in a fun yet way full of rules, chemistry, and a pinch of magic on top.

Today we focus on one of the most used products for skin rejuvenation – scrubs to give you a glimpse of the production process:

1. Organic Salt from farms located in the South of Thailand is being filtered and cleaned out. To make it pure for work and avoid discoloring.

2 Clean Salt is blended to make the texture smooth enough for both face and body usage. Sea Salt is a perfect source of minerals for your skin. Salt can detox and brighten the skin.

3. Clays required in the recipe ( Pink, White, or Green) are softly and slowly blended with salt, to create a smooth powder mix.

4. Dry herbs of the choice (chrysanthemum/ rosella or lime peel) are ground until we get a perfectly smooth powder.

5. Herbal powder is filtered again, to get rid of lumps.

6. Herbal powder is added into the main scrub mix. Each herb has it’s own unique benefits for specific skin types.

7. The dry scrub mix is infused with vitamin E

8. Sweet Almond Oil is added to every formula to bring hydration and softening effect.

9. Essential oils are added as a last step to the formula, finalising it, and boosting it to the new level. Each essential oil blend can have a significant effect on the skin; brightening its tone, preventing breakouts, soothing pores, helping to prevent early wrinkles.

10. Scrubs being packed into the jars and ready for labeling.

Soap_Making_Tips #1

Dream of Making your first Natural Soap but afraid that it requires professional tools?

Do not get stressed!

Most of the tools required are easy to find in every kitchen.

Check the Tips below & let’s start the soap fun.

Before diving into the world of soap making one should prepare basic tools.

1. Recipe & the pen. It is essential to check and prepare your recipe before starting the practice. Keep your recipe in written form on your soap making table. As keeping it in the online version is not advisable, due to possible problems with the internet.

2. Digital Scale. It is a king of the soap making process. Normally without it, you can not start the process. The scale should be sensitive up to 0.1 gram, to make your measurements accurate enough. The scale must have a TARE/RESET button to help you calibrate the weight of bowls you are using to 0.

3. Blender is a queen of Soap Making. You can handle the process without it but it will be very hard for newbies. The blender helps to mix lye solution with oils & start the reaction of saponification.

4. Mask & Gloves are basic safety requirements to keep your hands, face, nose from lye steaming, or possibly burn. For 100% safety usage of goggles & safety cloth required. If you do not have one, apron or old pajamas work well.

5. Big pot (stainless steel) the one that you will heat your oils in and later on mix it with the lye solution. For HP soap makers, this pot will be used to cook your soap in.

6. 2-3 bowls for measuring water, lye, and mixing it together. Stainless steel/ good quality plastic or glass works very well.

7. Whisk to mix lye crystals with water.

8. Spatula with a rubber end to help measuring lye solution or later to mix the soap in the big pot ( number 5 on the photo)

9. Cooker. Any source of heat works well if it is gas, electric, or induction cooker. It just requires some time to get used to a particular type.

10. Thermometer. This is a prince of Soap Making process. It helps to make the reaction of saponification predictable and smooth. Different T range of mixing lye solution and oils can help you to gain smooth runny trace, or to make it thick and quick. It can give you time for swirls or opposite bring your soap to Vaseline phase in minutes. Do not hesitate to use T in your creations. Observe, make notes, and learn.

11. A filter is needed to filter the lye solution into the oils. To avoid any undissolved lye crystals in your soap.

If you skip this tool there is a high chance of getting lye crystals into the oils. They can not be dissolved in oils, so they will create a soap with lye pockets or crystals. Which is dangerous and can not be rebatched.

12. Oils. Like basic soap making ingredients. It can be oils of vegetable origin/ animal fats or butter.

13. Lye. If you are planning to do solid bar soaps you would go for NaOH, but if you would like to make a paste or liquid soap choose KOH.

Rejuvenation = Exfoliation

The real key to Glowing Skin Is Healthy Weekly Habits

The easiest way to REJUVENATE your skin Is to proceed with Weekly Exfoliation
Scrub it – Scrub it- Scrub it

In case you don’t know why you must go for an exfoliation session, at least once a week, here are the top 10 reasons to give you that much-needed nudge!

🍃1. For A Squeaky Clean Skin:

Scrubbing gives you clean skin, free from dirt, oil, and sweat. Actually, the bottles of cleansing milk, face wash, and facial cleansers cannot pull out all the dust that accumulates in the pores of your skin. Scrubbing does this job successfully. Make your own facial scrub with brown sugar and honey and use it twice a week to see the difference.

🍃2. Frees Your Skin From Flakes:

Flaky skin looks hideous! It clearly signals the fact that you don’t take care of it the way you should. In fact, flaky skin also gives rise to dry patches. It allows dead cells to accumulate over time. Scrubbing your skin can help you deal with flaky skin effectively.

🍃3. Helps In Removing Dead Cells:

Dead cells make your skin look dull and tired. Why let them build upon the layers of your skin? Scrub them off with a gentle scrub.

🍃4. Adds Glow To Skin:

Exfoliation can actually make your skin glow. Soak rice in milk for two hours. Then grind it into a paste and scrub your face to get glowing skin in no time.

🍃5. Removes Dark Patches:

Do you know that scrubbing could even help in removing dark patchy skin? Add a spoon of yogurt to a spoon of crushed walnuts. Use this scrub twice a week to get the desired results. It is especially effective on knuckles, elbows, and knees.

🍃6. Removes Acne Scars:

Exfoliation helps in doing away with acne scars. Prepare a basic scrub using two spoons of baking soda and a spoon of water. Make a paste and use it on your face to treats the ugly marks left behind by acne.

🍃7. Prevents Ingrown Hair:

Ingrown hair is a perennial problem and scrubbing is the solution to prevent this problem. Squeeze out the juice of two lemons and add a cup of sugar to it. Add some water and use this scrub to prevent ingrown hair. You may add a few drops of tea tree oil because it has antiseptic properties. You can use it after 2 or 3 days of waxing for effective results.

🍃8. For Smooth Skin:

Smooth skin is the key to a more beautiful you. Use a scrub made out of a cup of ground almonds, two spoons of honey and milk cream. This scrub will not only make your skin look flawlessly smooth, but will also make it soft and well-nourished from within.

🍃9. Improves The Texture Of Your Skin:

Scrubbing your skin gives you clean and smooth skin with an improved texture.

🍃10. Promotes Clear Complexion:

As soon as the flakes, dead cells, blemishes, and accumulated impurities are done away with, what do you expect in return? The answer is-clear complexion! And if the scrub has natural skin whitening ingredients, the effect is even better.