Hyper-pigmentation? Show It The Way Out Already Today!

Look back for a second and see what you tried to get rid of Hyper-pigmentation. It’s definitely multiple ways starting from expensive medications finishing with prayers before bedtime. While thousands of people are suffering from discoloring of the skin, sun sensitivity, not bright skin tone, early signs of aging, rush heated up by Bangkok weather, […]

Curious How Many Steps It Takes to Make Face Salt Scrub?

Natural beauty care is closer than you think. In a few easy steps, you can learn how to become a creator of your unique natural scrubs, soaps, perfumes, and more. In Bangkok Soap Opera we are proud to share knowledge on how everyone can be a master of your beauty with natural ingredients. Every weekend […]

Soap_Making_Tips #1

Dream of Making your first Natural Soap but afraid that it requires professional tools? Do not get stressed! Most of the tools required are easy to find in every kitchen. Check the Tips below & let’s start the soap fun. Before diving into the world of soap making one should prepare basic tools. 1. Recipe […]

6 Recipes of Bath Salts for SPA Experience

… without leaving home. Bath salts have long been used as an easy and inexpensive way to treat mental and physical health ailments. Bath salts, which are commonly made from magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) or sea salt, are easily dissolved in warm bath water and used for everything from stress relief to aches and pains. […]

Simple Guide to Cosmetic Clay Types & their Uses!

There is an endless number of ways in which to use cosmetic clays, and we encourage you to find your creative outlet! BENTONITE CLAY Bentonite clay is composed of volcanic ash sediments that have been weathered over a long period of time. Sodium bentonite clay is known for its swelling properties, as it acts like […]

Truth About Chemicals in Natural Soaps

The only real way to make Natural Soaps Is to use CHEMICALS! Chemical is not synonym to unnatural. Technically every ingredient, that we source from nature is both Chemical and Natural by origin. Are you surprised? Two main ingredients we need to make soap are vegetable oils & lye. Sounds like a Harsh Chemical? Lye […]

Rejuvenation = Exfoliation

The real key to Glowing Skin Is Healthy Weekly Habits The easiest way to REJUVENATE your skin Is to proceed with Weekly Exfoliation Scrub it – Scrub it- Scrub it In case you don’t know why you must go for an exfoliation session, at least once a week, here are the top 10 reasons to […]