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What is SHELF LIFE of your Beauty Care?

This is a question we get from our customers daily, both online and in the store

are there any special instructions to keep products FRESH at home & use it safely?

Our products have surprisingly long shelf life for natural Products but it still has a limitation️

Long shelflife in our products doesn’t come from the usage of preservation ingredients

There are some simple secrets that help us keep our formulas free from stabilisers &

Safe for you to use in Beauty Routine‍:

Secret #1. We use formulas that are 100% water FREE. We like to mix herbal powders, clays, local vegetable oils to create our products. Such a mix doesn’t need a preservative. But anyway can have shelflife 3-6 month long

Secret #2. Such products as Soap has natural alkaline PH 8-10. Which makes it self-preserved formula. Even we enrich our soaps with fruit juices or fresh milk, there is no risk of growing mould or fungi.

️But keep in mind all fresh ingredients are thoroughly mixed into the product. We never use fresh herbs or flowers to decorate the soap.

Secret #3. Cosmetic products that have eater or hydrosol as an ingredient we recommend to keep in the fridge. Low temperature can help prolong shelflife even up to 2 months.

Without fridge shelflife of that product can be as short as 2-3 weeks.

Now getting back to the question:

What is the shelflife of the products?

Bar Soaps or Shampoo.

Shelflife: 12-24 month.

To prolong their life: keep soaps in a paper bag before starting to use it. So it will help to preserve smell and colour. After starting to use it, always let the bar dry between usage. It will keep the soap solid and bubble until the last small bit.

Products in Powder Form

( face masks/ deodorants/toothpaste powder)

Shelflife is 12 month.

To prolong their life: always mix the powder with water if needed in a separate jar. Avoid leaking of any liquids into the jar. Always use a dry, clean spoon to take the powder out of the jar.

Products in Paste or Oil Form

( face antiaging mask, face scrubs, multifunctional body oil, perfume, face serum)

Shelflife 6 months.

To prolong their life: keep out of direct sunshine, avoid dropping water into the jar with the product.

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3 Times More Hydration With These 3 Moisturizing Products

You probably know how important hydration is to your skin: enough water supply is a must keep skin firm, fresh and bright. But have you ever wondered what options do you have on hands to easily moisturise your skin at home?

How to be sure that you bring just enough hydration to all the skin levels?

In your everyday beauty routine, you can choose from 3 options of moisturising products.

1. Hydrosol or Flower Water. This is very easy to apply and bring daily in a bag. Hydrosol is a water-based extract of a chosen herb or flower. It comes in liquid form, as a rule in a spray bottle. Hydrosol is a perfect moisturising spray that has an additional function of a toner. It is advised to be used daily after you have washed your face, but you can freely enjoy it 3-5 times a day, whenever you need refreshment during the day.

Tip: To make use of this moisturising product on a new level, always choose a Hydrosol that perfectly suits your skin type: pandan for dry skin, lemongrass for combination, turmeric for acne.

Moisturising intensity: superficial, hydrates only the top layer of the epidermis.

2. Day Moisturising Cream. This product is a blend of the water phase and the oil phase. On mass-market products, every single cream is made out of blending the distilled water and mineral oil. But if you ever tried Natural Day cream, you may find much more than that: a delicately whipped blend of high-quality Hydrosols with extra virgin vegetable oils. This simple formula makes cream highly powerful for daily hydration. As hydrosol connects to the oil, it can moisturise on much deeper levels. Avoiding unneeded evaporation of the hydrating ingredients from the skin surface. Which means your skin will benefit fully from the product applied

Tip: while shopping for the Moisturising Day Cream try to avoid mineral oil in the formula, as it can provoke signs of early aging and misbalance breathing function of the skin.

Moisturising intensity: hydrates deeply.

3. Hydrating Night Serum. Night Serum can be very easy to use Deep Hydration weapons on your bathroom shelf. Night serum is a blend of extra virgin oils, vitamin, and glycerin. Glycerin is a natural alcohol that is a famous hydration agent. Because of the mixing of oils with glycerin, such serum will never leave a greasy unpleasant film on the skin. Night serum is a classical product with prolonged effect, hydration and nourishment will take place all night long.

Tip: night serum is a perfect moisturising product for every skin for night care, but can be also perfect morning hydration for owners of dry, prone to irritation skin type.

The best way to apply night serum is on the wet skin. And only 2-3 drops per application.

Moisturising intensity: hydrates & nourishes deeply.

Bangkok Soap Opera has a full range of natural moisturising product ensuring 24h care and moisturisation.

Still Looking For Acne Solution?

Reduction of inflammation, reducing acne scars guaranteed!

This formula is one of the oldest and has never been changed for centuries. We have recreated it in our store with local High-Quality ingredients, focusing on the superpower of each specific ingredient.

Just 3 Basic ingredients & No Scent gained the Sea Salt and Charcoal Soap over 100 reviews that motivates us to produce this soap for 5 years. How is it all possible? Because it is perfect for acne skin.

A combo of 3 simple ingredients Coconut Extra Virgin Oil/ Bamboo Charcoal / Sea Salt are truly making wonders for people suffering from acne for years whereas the cure is closer than they think. Below find more details on each ingredient, so you can feel how Nature works through this soap.

Bamboo Charcoal.

It is a fact that the body does not absorb charcoal which allows it to work effectively on the surface of your skin bringing relief from acne, inflammation of different origin, and help heal wounds. Charcoal has many benefits for the skin. It clears out all the bacteria in acne just like toxins, it absorbs all the pollution from acne-like oily secretion, dead cells, impurities, and bacteria.

Benefits of the Bamboo Charcoal for Skin:

– Acts as an exfoliator as the activated charcoal sucks all the dirt out and it leaves the skin feeling smooth.

– Helps with the appearance of oily skin. Activated charcoal reduces the excess oil in the skin and helps to balance the oily secretion on our skin. As an absorber of toxins, activated charcoal works with our skin to draw out all the congestion that causes our skin to develop acne. In Bangkok Soap Opera Sea Salt Soap is made of 100% coconut oil and contains 100 gr of salt per each 100 gr of soap. This concentration makes the soap solid as a rock, very long-lasting and extremely valuable for acne, and here is why:

Sea salt

– Fights acne-causing bacteria.

– Restores the skin’s natural pH balance.

– Detoxifies the body.

– It provides vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that the skin needs to stay clear and healthy.

– Sea salt has an exfoliating effect to remove impurities that clog pores promoting new skin growth.

– It promotes blood circulation.

– It restores the skin’s natural oil balance.

– It can prevent skin infections.

Coconut Oil

Due to the high percentage of coconut oil in the soap formula, it creates amazing rich bubbles and long-lasting stable foam. It also brings unbeatable cleansing properties which are a must for prone to acne skin type. It helps to reduce blackheads, soothes pores.

All of the above is just theory until you try the soap. In practice, you will be impressed with the result just overnight.

The Ultimate Skin Care Checklist

In modern times and in modern big cities skincare becomes a standard routine same as combing hair or brushing teeth. To preserve the natural shine, youth of the skin and protect it from pollution you can adopt the below simple ways to extend the youth and healthy look of your skin.

Moisturizing matters

Pollution, sun, and stress can dry out skin, so calm it with natural moisturising cream or spray. A great example of a simple moisturising routine is Hydrosol Face Mist. It can be used every time after you washed your face with soap, or during the day time as many times as you need it. Hydrosol makes wonders for your skin but 100% free from any chemicals. Hydrosol is a result of steam distilling. Every hydrosol not only brings pure hydration but also tons of vitamins as it is an extract of the plant.

Ingredients to avoid: synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, emulsifier, colorants.

Remember your neck!

The skin on your neck is thinner and has fewer oil glands than your face so needs special care. Use a rich, neck-specific cream and massage upwards. It can be a heavy cream for dry skin, butter, or a lotion bar based on oils and waxes. Ingredients to look for: shea butter, avocado oil, cacao butter, sweet almond oil, bees, or canola wax. Such a formula will work perfectly through all night, beeswax will help keep hydration in the skin and easily protect from environmental pollution.

Ingredients to avoid: mineral oil, paraffin.

Nourish all night

Skin renews itself while you sleep with a heavy, rich in vitamin night serum. Ingredients to look out for: jojoba oil, sweet almond oil. apricot kernel oil, glycerin, vit E. Such a serum will help you wake up with refreshed, dewy-looking skin.

Ingredients to avoid: retinyl palmitate, petroleum jelly

Use an eye cream or eye serum

The skin around your eyes is delicate, so it’s the first to wrinkle. Use delicate oils to help out: oil of raspberry seeds, cucumber seed oil. Add to the carrier oils coffee essential oil, green tea oil for additional brightening and uplifting effect. These essential oils can help brighten dark skin around the eyes and help release swallowing problems.

Ingredients to avoid: formaldehyde, mineral oil, fragrances.

Exfoliate twice a week

Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells that build up on your skin and expose young and vibrant skin cells. Look out for sea salt-based scrubs, enriched with local herbs perfect for your skin type. Try using different formulas to find perfect mild scrub, that helps you exfoliate without damaging. Salt scrubs not only are perfect to get rid of dead dry skin but also bring perfect detox and rejuvenation to your skin.

Ingredients to avoid: sugar, emulsifiers, preservatives, plastic microbeads.

Apply a weekly mask

Choose Mask depending on your skin current needs:

Detox/ Uplifting/ Moisturising/ Whitening/ Anti-Acne. Focus on paste-like or jelly masks. These masks will work perfectly on their main function & not over-dry your skin after being rinsed off.

Ingredients to avoid: mineral powders, mineral oil.

Drinking water routine.

Not enough clean water daily may make your skin lose brightness and glow.

Choose to drink 1-2 l as a daily routine. It will be a simple but powerful step to fill your skin with so much needed hydration from inside.

What to EXPECT from Natural Soap?

Natural Handmade Soap is Not the SAME as mass-market one!

If you know what to Expect from Natural Bar You will be 100% satisfied & joyful with your purchase!

Use the tips below to make your choice

Natural Soap is a bit softer in comparison to the manufactured bar. Treat it delicately.

Natural Soap depending on the formula may have less rich foam. If you bubble soaps with hands high chances you will receive creamy foam. To gain big bubbles use the sponge.

Natural Soap is prone to melting in a soap dish. To avoid that please choose a soap dish with a good drainage system. So the bar will have time to well dry between usage.

Always choose the soap bar depending on your skin type. For dry skin choose soaps based on olive oil with delicate adding: chrysanthemum/ oats/ vanilla/lavender/ vegan milk/butter. For oily skin focus on soaps based on coconut oil and more detoxifying agents: charcoal, salt, moringa, kaffir lime, green clay.

To keep the smell and color of Natural Soap Bar longer do keep it in the paper bag, this will keep soap protected from evaporation or the impact of direct sun. But giving the soap a chance to dry out well and become even better in quality. By any means avoid stocking soap in plastic, zip-lock bags.

We hope the tips will be useful for you & bring much JOY!

For the hands-on experience of natural soap, we welcome you to our little store.