About Us

What is Bangkok Soap Opera?


In Bangkok Soap Opera we believe that every little voice counts when it comes to saving the world. It is quite a statement but One Bubble at a Time and you can see a change.

It goes without saying we have to fix a lot more than soap in order to save our world, but we know that every day people wash their hands and their bodies using chemical-filled soaps that are eventually polluting our oceans, as well as damaging our bodies. This is partly why we are committed to providing the community an alternative to chemicals.

Creating 100% natural and chemical-free soaps and cosmetic products is an act of love. As a rule, 99% of the ingredients in every product at Bangkok Soap Opera are edible. This is obviously not to say that we make food items that double as personal care products, but that we strictly follow the ethos that if you can eat it, then it’s safe to put on your skin. That’s why everything we make is completely free of synthetic colorants, scents, preservatives, and parabens. It’s a soap that has an expiration date, made with tools that were also handmade, following the same old traditions of extractions and infusions.

When we do not make soaps, we engage the local community by organizing workshops to show that making cosmetics at home, using natural ingredients is possible and can be fun.